Electro-lock control module, which is not only an effective tool for the protection of your facility, but also a very simple to use device. It is battery-powered, making it ideal for use wherever there is no access to a power source. Using RFID and NFC technology, the module allows you to quickly and securely open locks using proximity cards and smartphones. What's more, the modular design allows for easy connection to any lock and power source. Discover how easy it is to secure your property with our innovative product!

Battery-powered device - life span of up to several years.

The modularity of the system makes it possible to select the lock mechanism and battery to suit the user's needs.

RFID / NFC 13.56MHz technology - opening the lock with cards and tags.

Protection class IP67 - resistant to moisture, dust and low temperatures

Battery-powered RFID and NFC wireless access control


Bins and containers

The lock control module from ICOBER is widely used in waste management. Typically, places where containers are located do not have access to power supply or connecting them is expensive and uneconomical. The device can be used in various types of garbage cans, containers, garbage shelters and other containers for municipal, industrial, textile waste that require access control.

Facilities without power supply

The Smart Access Control product series is fully battery-powered, making it ideal for areas of facilities where it is difficult to access power and access control is required The device can be used, for example, in warehouses, lockers, lockers or containers on construction sites where it is difficult to access a power source.

Mobile toilets

Mobile toilets are often placed in public places, but only a specific group of people should have access to them. The Smart Access Control system allows you to easily grant or revoke access (without making keys). Everything happens without an additional source of electricity. Only authorized people will use the portable toilets which ensures less frequent service and easier maintenance.

Selection of the lock mechanism and battery according to the needs of the facility

Smart Access Control Basic

Selecting a power supply battery

Together we will select the right power source to suit your needs in terms of capacity, mounting method, and preferred battery size

Selection of lock mechanism

Together we will select the appropriate lock electro-lock mechanism so that it meets the requirements of the user and the object in which it will be used as much as possible.

How Smart Access Control works - simple and effective access control

Opening with RFID / NFC

With the built-in 13.56MHz RFID/NFC module, the user has a convenient method to open the lock using cards, tags and even a phone.

Access for users can be granted or revoked at any time in an easy and intuitive way. No more hassles with making keys.

This product model supports up to several thousand users, so it can be used in facilities frequented by large groups of people.

We provide our customers with RFID/NFC cards or tags personalized to the user's needs.

Access management - granting and revoking rights

The device has an administration mode, allowing the owner-administrator at any time to grant or revoke access to the object to any user

To do this, simply put an "administrator card" to the device.

This allows for very easy access management. This solution is ideal for places where many users use the object and there is a high turnover of access.

User interaction - simple and intuitive operation of the lock

The device has a built-in button with an RGB LED. The button is constructed of metal alloy, making it vandal-proof and highly wear-resistant.

Wanting to open the lock, all you have to do is press the button and apply the card or phone. The LED will inform the user of access by flashing green, and of no access by flashing red.

The LED also assists the administrator during the process of granting access to users.

Modularity of the system - high flexibility of application

Depending on the application, the access control system must have appropriate features when it comes to the lock mechanism. The "Smart Lock Basic" lock has the ability to connect any lock mechanism, meeting only the requirements in terms of operating voltage and maximum current.

An important feature of the wireless access control system, is battery life, i.e. to ensure the highest possible number of openings without changing the battery, while maintaining dimensions that allow the installation of a power source. "Smart Lock Basic" has the ability to connect a suitable power source.

Experts from ICOBER will help select the appropriate lock mechanism and power supply (batteries).

Energy saving with battery power supply

Battery life of up to several years - depending on the selected capacity.

The power connector allows you to very easily connect a battery that meets your needs.

Such a solution is also characterized by, very easy replacement of the power source, which greatly facilitates service.

Access control control module




120mm x 120mm x 45mm

Input voltage


Output voltage


Max. current




Power connector


Lock power connector